"Beware The Floating Hand Of Death" is an 8-bit NES-style shooter/survival game, based around the song of same name by Old Major, a three-piece heavy alt-art-rock band from Toronto; the experience is intended to replace the passive mode of watching a music video, for something more interactive, engaging and synergized to the song's meaning.

Players choose one of three band members, each with different stats, and must fend off/evade a horde of undead for the duration of the song, to which game events are synchronized.

The first 100 players to tag the band in a picture of themselves with their win screen will receive a free download code for the song!

Listen to the song on bandcamp: https://oldmajor.bandcamp.com/track/beware-the-floating-hand-of-death

OM facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldmajorband

OM instagram: @oldmajorband

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